Little Scientists joins Australian Academy of Science to promote STEM at every age
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Little Scientists joins Australian Academy of Science to promote STEM at every age

by Freya Lucas

September 24, 2020

The Australian Academy of Science and Little Scientists have teamed up to work on a campaign promoting the importance of STEM education in building the problem solving and critical thinking skills that are essential for all Australians.


‘Solving tomorrow’s problems starts today’ will feature prominent Australians in science, technology, engineering and maths reinforcing the message that STEM is for everybody.


Campaign participant, acclaimed mathematician and Academy Fellow Professor Cheryl Praeger, said “we really need to prioritise STEM education because there’s absolutely huge challenges facing the world: climate change, the challenge to preserve the environment and now with the pandemic, huge health challenges.” 


Professor Praeger, along with celebrated mathematician and presenter Adam Spencer, features in the Academy’s ‘The Latest from Science’ webshow this week. The two mathematicians discussed how maths is shaping this century, and how we can help the younger generation fall in love with STEM.


“Even if you don’t see yourself being a lifelong scientist…just bringing out more mathematical thinking and skill into the toolkit that you carry around [in your head] will carry you through the rest of your multi-career professional life,” Dr Spencer, a best-selling author and a self-described “maths geek” said. 


The importance of educators facilitating excellent STEM learning outcomes by supporting teachers through STEM education and professional development programs, such as Froebel Australia’s Little Scientists program, are also core focus points of the campaign. 


Little Scientists was chosen to participate in the campaign based on their collaboration with community leaders in early STEM learning and its administration of the certification program, Little Scientists House.


Advocacy also forms an important part of the campaign, with a diverse group of Science & Technology Australia STEM ambassadors, awardees of the Prime Minister’s Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching, and Little Scientist network partners having also reached out to the Minister for Education and other members of parliament to ensure that investment in STEM education remains a key focus for the government in the upcoming federal budget.


“In a year in which we face unprecedented national and global challenges, it has never been clearer how important it is to sustain the STEM pipeline,” STEM educator Dr Ken Silburn said. 


“I have seen the awe and captivation that students have when they are presented with science being taught as a hands-on subject by experienced, well-resourced and trained teachers.”


For more information about Little Scientists, please visit their website, here

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