Compare Club confirms launch of new Childcare Comparison business
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Compare Club confirms launch of new Childcare Comparison business

by Jason Roberts

March 03, 2020

Online and phone based comparison services company Compare Club have confirmed the national roll out of their new Childcare Comparison platform after trialling the product in New South Wales and Victoria over the last three months. 


The service, which can be found here will be launched nationally from March 2020 with expectations that it will assist up to 50,000 families in their search for child care. 


The response from both parents and the centres has been extremely positive, according to CEO Andrew Davis who said “Centres love being able to interview parents they otherwise wouldn’t have reached. Parents find it helpful to discuss their needs with an independent childcare consultant who can arrange for them to visit and assess one, two or three centres that meet their particular needs.”


The service works by first requesting the parent to answer a series of questions about their circumstances including preferred days, age of children, care preferences and personal details. A consultant then contacts them to walk through a range of ‘good fit’ centres identified by the firm. 


The consultant is able to help the family with questions, and if required, book a tour for them. 


The commercial model adopted is one of “pay on placement” whereby an enrolment facilitated by the platform will earn a fee which will be paid by the centre to Childcare Comparison and is being positioned as a means for a centre to streamline marketing costs and efforts by outsourcing enrolment acquisition processes.  


For more information about the service, or to read the press release, please visit the website, here.  

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