KindyLinQ pilot will see some QLD three year olds head to school in 2020
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KindyLinQ pilot will see some QLD three year olds head to school in 2020

by Freya Lucas

November 04, 2019

A free pre-kindy learning program, designed to help children transition more smoothly to kindergarten (the year before school) and Prep (first year of formal schooling) will be trialled in selected Queensland state schools from next year. 


The pilot KindyLinQ program was announced yesterday by Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace, at a cost of $2.2 million.


Ms Grace said that for many children, beginning kindergarten can be “a daunting step”, one that KindyLinQ hopes to make less onerous by helping them “develop the essential basic skills needed and get ready for school” via the 12 month program. 


“KindyLinQ will act as a soft entry to kindy, encouraging parents and caregivers to actively participate in these play-based learning sessions with their child,” she added. 


As well as preparing the children for life at school, Ms Grace said another aim of the program was to support families to develop their confidence as their child’s first teacher and give them tips that they can use at home.


Free for families in selected priority locations, the Government lauded the many benefits which children would gain from participation, which “extend beyond the school gate”.


“The school principal, a qualified teacher and early years support co-ordinator would lead KindyLinQ sessions which will involve at least six hours a week, offering indoor and outdoor play experiences, shared storytelling, music and rhymes,” Ms Grace said. 


Enrolment in the program is self selected by parents, who need to contact a participating school, and register their child if interested. 


The first 25 Queensland state schools to offer KindyLinQ in 2020 include:


An additional 15 schools are expected to be added to the program pilot during the 2020 school year. 


Additional commentary about working parents concerns in relation to accessing KindyLinQ may be found here. 

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