Finnish ECEC operator opens its largest log made day care centre in Helsinki
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Finnish ECEC operator opens its largest log made day care centre in Helsinki

by Jason Roberts

September 09, 2019

Pilke päiväkodit Oy, one of Finland’s largest early childhood education and care companies, has opened a 170 license place day care centre built entirely from logs and sustainable materials in the suburb of Espoo in Helsinki. 


The modern log building construction was managed by Mediset Hoivarakentajat, a company specializing in high-quality care centre construction, with the log frame being provided by Finnish log home specialist Honka


The use of logs as a building material has gained traction in recent years as demand grows for facilities with clean indoor air, acoustics and a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. 



“It is great to have more log-built day care centres in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as they have attracted a lot of interest. In our log day care units, for example, the sound insulation and air quality are very noticeable,” says Johanna Raski-Pitkänen, Regional Director of Pilke päiväkodit Oy.


The project sales manager at Honka noted that “The log is a natural, moisture-proof and antibacterial building material. It has also been shown to have stress-reducing effects. We are delighted to be involved in providing high-quality, healthy growth environments for children.”


The centre has been designed with a science based theme with playgrounds built to inspire exploration and experimentation. The centre includes, among other things, a research playroom where little professors can carry out their research using pipettes, loupes, test tubes and magnifying glasses, and a separate sensory room. 


Pilke päiväkodit Oy has 128 day care centres all over Finland. This new centre is the first science-based day care centre in Espoo, Finland, where Pilke already has 17 day care centres. Pilke also organizes elementary school afternoon activities with 24 schools and other club activities. Over 9,000 children play and grow at the Pilke day care centres and afternoon clubs, and Pilke employs approximately 1,450 early childhood education professionals. 

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