Adult and community ECEC education brought together in Victorian summit
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Adult and community ECEC education brought together in Victorian summit

by Freya Lucas

August 08, 2019

The Adult and Community Education sector were brought together for the first time yesterday in a summit organised by the Victorian Government, as part of works supporting a Ministerial Statement to better support the training sector.


Gayle Tierney, Victorian Minister for Training and Skills and Higher Education, opened the Adult and Community Education (ACE) Summit with the aim of collaboratively exploring ways in which the higher education sector could support adult learners to gain the training and skills needed to secure employment and participate in the community. 


Demand for higher education in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector has surged in Victoria following a State Government commitment to provide free TAFE courses in ECEC to meet increased workforce needs as a result of Universal Access to preschool for three year olds in Victoria. 


As part of the ACE Summit, the Victorian Government sought greater input into a Ministerial Statement on the role of adult community-based vocational education and training in the post-secondary education system. This is the first time that a Ministerial Statement will have been released since 2004.


The Summit also focused on identifying ways the VET sector can adapt to meet the needs of learners engaged in training and employment programs; and foster collaboration within the sector and across the broader post-secondary education system.


Views from employers in a variety of industries and sectors were also considered, in relation to the kind of skills and training they look for when taking on employees, so that the adult and community education sector can provide the best education to make their students job-ready.


Ms Tierney said the Victorian Government were committed to working collaboratively with the sector “to build a framework for the future”.


“The ACE Summit is another example of the work we’re doing to support the adult and community-focused education sector to support the training needs of students and industry – and deliver jobs for Victorians.” she added. 

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