Innovation leading “Nursery of the Future” opens its doors in Dubai
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Innovation leading “Nursery of the Future” opens its doors in Dubai

by Jason Roberts

April 16, 2019

A new early learning centre has opened with 22 learning spaces, interactive digital walls, age specific smart sleeping pods, mindfulness zones, a yard complete with race track and splash pad, a fully equipped science lab, a climbing wall, a staffed medical centre and much more housed in a specially designed futuristic setting spread across a 600 square metre area, Gulf News UAE has reported.


The Ora Nursery, located in Dubai, aims to provide children with an innovative educational experience leveraging the latest educational and learning methods to shape their character, enhance their cognitive capabilities and equip them for the future.



The initiative comes as the United Arab Emirates seeks to follow through on commitments to raise the awareness and standards of early education and care (ECEC) across the emirates and position Dubai as having an educational ecosystem that realises the objectives of the ‘UAE Vision 2021’ and the ‘UAE Centennial 2071.’


The nursery caters for children aged between 45 days up to four years and has been designed to optimise every aspect of a child’s development with special consideration being given to the use of colour and space.



With respect to technologies, interactive digital walls that can respond to a users touch will provide children and educators with opportunities to explore the natural world and beyond, rendering the traditional interactive whiteboard a thing of the past. Customized sleep pods with temperature and movement monitoring sensors will help to create sleeping environments that are effective and data heavy, while  an on site medical centre staffed by two qualified health professionals will be permanently available.


The innovative external environment will provide the setting for the Ora team of educators to deliver a proprietary education program that has been inspired by the founding father of the UAE, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan.


The Zayad Early Learning Framework, has been developed around a set of core principles that include but are not limited to; inclusion, collaboration, respect and love of learning, with innovation and technology seen as a complementary means of delivering on their frameworks outcomes.


For more information on Ora Nursery of the Future please see here.  

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